Simplified attachment
    and detachment (don/doff)

    Amputated arm
  • OPRA:
    Stable attachment

  • OPRA:
    Full range of motion
    and restored functionality

    Amputated thumb
  • OPRA:
    Improved quality of life

    Improved Quality
  • OPRA:
    Eliminates pressure, sores and pain
    in skin and soft tissues

  • OPRA:
    Improved sitting comfort

    Improved sitting comfort

Latest news

  • November 17 2014

    Magnus Niska, the first patient using OPRA with neuromuscular electrodes, was interviewed in the Swedish talkshow "Malou efter tio". The interview can be seen here (in Swedish). 

  • November 13 2014

    Dr. Max Ortiz Catalan from Integrum will give a talk at TEDxGöteborg the 18th of November about his mind controlled prosthetics that are based on the OPRA implant system. More information about the talk can be found here

  • October 31 2014

    CEO of Integrum and associate professor at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Dr. Rickard Brånemark, is interviewed by Reuters about the mind-controlled prosthetic arm, that has been made possible with the next generation of the OPRA system. The report can be seen here

  • 8 October 2014

    The future for the OPRA system is presented today, as the first patient using OPRA with implanted neuromuscular interfaces is revealed. The system has been used by the patient since January 2013. This breakthrough is the result of a collaboration between Integrum, Chalmers University of Technology and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The official press release can be read here. Press coverage from: CBSDiscovery and Newsweek. The research paper can be read here.

  • 1 September 2014

    We are pleased to announce that Johanna Ternström has been employed as Product Manager, Prosthetic Products and that Niklas Hofvenberg has been employed as Manager, Quality Assurance and Regulatory affairs.


Amputation treatment

Bone anchored amputation prostheses is a pioneering treatment that considerably improves amputee´s quality of life.

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orthopedic fixture

Axor™ II

Axor™ II is the new load control device with improved features for protection of the OPRA Implant System.

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The OPRA treatment is based on the principle of Osseointegration, an anchorage mechanism that generates a direct structural connection between living bone tissue and titanium.

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Benefits of bone anchored amputation prostheses

  • Full range of motion and restored functionality
  • Eliminates pressure, sores and pain in skin and soft tissues
  • Stable attachment
  • The prosthesis can be worn all day and every day
  • Simplified attachment and detachment (don/doff)
  • Better walking ability
  • Improved sitting comfort
  • No socket adjustments required
  • Improved quality of life